Our Program Management services consist of helping primary distribution channels link up with both A&H and P&C insurance companies that have the product they want or vice versa.  Our role is to help make the program a success and long running for all the parties participating.

We can provide many essential program management services, such as:

  • Reviewing marketing distribution channels for a carrier

  • Acquire producers such as an MGA or MGU for a carrier

  • Screening carriers for an MGA or MGU

  • Search and interview claims administrators

  • Acquire the right actuarial consultant

  • Assisting with policy development and compliance

  • Arranging for and facilitating meetings among all participants

  • Reviewing experience results

  • Performing operational, underwriting, premium and claim audits


Rates for our program management services are negotiable for each program depending on the scope of services that we are to provide.  We can also consider a risk/profit sharing arrangement on our fees.



Product Development

Our product development expertise allows us to take a new or revamped look at traditional insurance and reinsurance coverage and create new product derivatives as the A&H and P&C marketplaces change.  We have the actuarial capability to structure rates and coverage, compliance and filing expertise, as well as a broad understanding of insurance and reinsurance concepts.  These qualities separate insurance ideas and in turn create insurance products.